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The Struggle Ends when Gratitude Begins

I truly believe this! Since I've started my daily practice of gratitude magic has happened in my life! Join me, every morning, in my practice of gratitude.

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The Practice of Gratitude

When you are in an attitude of gratitude you are happier, less stressed, you worry less, you get better sleep and you are more productive.

But not just that. By practicing gratitude everyday you are living life with your energy attuned to appreciation. You are saying to the universe I am so thankful for all that is in my life. And the universe welcomes these vibrations and sends you more things to be grateful for.

Imagine waking up each day feeling refreshed and fully ALIVE. Feeling the vibrations of love and happiness surge through you and KNOWING that you are creating miracles everyday!

Gratitude is something that I practice EVERYDAY and I can truly see a huge difference in my life since I began. I have achieved so many wonderful things! Because of this I want to share it with everyone and show people that THEY CAN CREATE the life they want.

Create your own Gratitude Practice

Each morning, start your day by writing down 10 things you are grateful for. 10 things you have been blessed with. You can be grateful for your past, your present and your future. Emotionalise it and really feel how grateful you are for each item, you write down. I do this LIVE every morning in my community group on Facebook. 7:30am on weekdays and 9:00am on weekends. Click below to join the group.

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Gratitude & Success Journal
Gratitude & Success Journal
Gratitude & Success Journal
Gratitude & Success Journal
Gratitude & Success Journal

Gratitude & Success Journal


I have produced this beautiful journal to accompany my morning gratitude calls. It's designed in the format of how I run the calls, so they are the perfect tool!

This spiralled journal contains extra pages for notes and ideas which is so useful as you work through your gratitude practice! 🙏

Achieving Goals with Gratitude

Goal setting is one of the most important exercises you can do. It gives you a direction in life, helps you to grow and achieve more. And we all want more, right? 

You set goals, not to achieve them but to grow, the journey to your goal is more amazing than actually achieving your goal! So take a pen to paper, write down a list of wants, ask yourself "what would I love?"

Don't think of the HOW, not even for a second. Set a massive goal that you have absolutely no idea how you are going to achieve. 

A goal should excite and scare you at the same time. And this is what will help you to grow - you have such a huge desire for this goal that it doesn't matter what gets in your way, you will push through all those fears and old limiting beliefs to achieve it!

We don't know what we are capable of doing, we want to get better so why would we stay where we are? We want to run faster, earn more, do more, see more.

If you know how to get to your goal it's the wrong goal, set a fantasy goal, this is where you create.

Write it down, create a beautiful picture with words, see it in your mind, make a decision to go after it and NEVER give up on it.

If an idea doesn't go the way you predicted try something else  never give up - failures are lessons - you only fail when you STOP!

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